Why use a Travel Agent?


Why use an agent when there are dozens of sites from which to book travel yourself online?

First, that's easy: make use of their experience.  If you book it yourself you have to do all your own research, and frankly if you've never been there before you can make mistakes,  such as missing something that you should have seen but wasn't in the package offered.

Secondly,  it costs you NOTHING to delegate the research and planning to an agent.  The reason is that the cruise line or tour company pays your agent and does not give you a price break if you book it yourself.  So why not delegate the work to an expert?

Lilian brings more than 25 years experience as a travel agent, and has been to more than 75 countries!   She is amazingly thorough and organized and has great customer service skills.   She is charming and personable, and high energy - and she's probably already been to where you're going!

It makes perfect sense to avail yourself of her experience and service - especially when that service is free to you!